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While Goldwater Bank to California is relatively new, the leadership is not nor the expansive tenure of the staff and supporting roles. The Area Manager has over 18 year experience in lending and has overseen in excess of five-billion dollars in loans during his career. Having led other lending financial institutions in growth, he brings his expansive experience to Goldwater Bank to drive solid client experience, timely loan execution and effective processes.

Providing superior service to client is our main priority as we work to take away the confusion around the home lending process. Our team works closely with you to help determine the best option for you and your family both financially and based on your needs regarding your home. Communication and service throughout the entire loan process and long after the fact is what sets us apart. It isn’t our job to help you get a loan, it is our job to help you manage it well into the future.

Contact us today with questions or to inquire about how we can serve you.

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